Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications

Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications (ADCA) at Glorious Computer Academy! This program is your gateway to understanding the basics of computers, how they work, and how to use them effectively. Join us at Glorious Computer Academy and start your journey towards becoming an industry professional in the world of computer applications

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    Duration 2 Semerter (1 Year)
    ELIGIBILITY: Graduation/DCA/
    COURSE FEE: 12000/-
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    Course Structure :

    Course Code Course Title
    Course-01 Computer Fundamentals
    Course-02 Office Automation (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    Course-03 Network Fundamentals
    Course-04 Web Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML)
    Course-05 Database Management System
    Course-06 Application Development Using PHP
    Course-07 PROJECT
    Course-08 Programming in Java
    Course-09 Introduction to Android Programming & Python
    Course-10 Introduction to Multimedia & Photoshop
    Learning Outcomes :

    • Apply knowledge of programming, computing, and domain knowledge to solve problems.
    • Analyze real-world problems and use available technological solutions to design and implement the same.
    • Identify modern development tools and techniques and use them to develop solutions.
    • Show technical proficiency in the field of IT Application.
    • Demonstrate the ability to handle projects and design and develop IT-based applications as per customer requirements.

    1. The second semester is Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications which is again of six months duration.
    2. Graduation is required as well as the student must be a DCA.
    3. At the time of Admission Rs 6,000/- and Within 2 Months Rs 6,000/-.